Family Law Investigations

Evidence for Court: If you have a case in court or an administrative hearing, we will obtain the evidence that you need to prove your case and impeach the credibility of any witness that is against you.
Infidelity Investigations: If you have a cheating spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend, we will find out if your loved one is engaging in an intimate relationship with someone else and furnish many types of records, photographs, and videos.
Three things are important in spousal infidelity cases; thinking, knowing, and proving. We can provide proof of all three so your mind and wallet are at ease.

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In Family Court Investigations: We can obtain the evidence of true income and assets of the opposing party.

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In Child Custody Investigations: We will obtain evidence of any inappropriate action that the opposing parent does when he/she has custody or visitation with your child, including DUI and driver records, criminal history, and restraining orders.

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