Fraud or Theft Investigations: If you have been the victim of a crime or a law enforcement that refuses to act, we will find the evidence of who took your money or asset and where they are now. If you wish, we will recover the asset for you and collect money on your behalf.
Business Investigations – Corporate Investigations – If your corporation or business has suffered the loss of intellectual property or property of a sensitive nature, we will obtain evidence admissible in court of the identity of the perpetrators and the methodology and scope of the fraud or theft, whether it is physical property or intellectual property. Our services are strictly confidential. We will report the incident to law enforcement only if your company instructs us to do so. If your company has suffered a loss and law enforcement has indicated that it is a “civil matter”, we will gather the necessary evidence to provide probable cause that the perpetrator committed the crime and attempt to persuade law enforcement to prosecute the perpetrators. We will also gather the necessary evidence to enable your civil attorneys to obtain restitution or an injunction.

Keith and Tracey